Monday, December 10, 2007

Why I love Tom Gordon....

Tom Gordon pitched well with the Yankees, during the regular season. In his two seasons in New York he pitched over 80 innings both seasons to a 2.21 and a 2.57 ERA. However, when the postseason came around his effectiveness disappeared with it, which may have been caused by Torre overusing him, or just mental issues. Either way, the Yankees let him sign elsewhere.

Talk about a good decision. The Yankees had lost their first round pick to the Red Sox for signing Johnny Damon. However, they picked up a higher pick (7 spots higher) as the Phillies pick was obvioulsy better than the Yankees, and a compensatory pick.

Those picks were used on Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain. So while Gordon did a decent job with the Yankees, he did a much better job for the Yankees by leaving.

The picks the Red Sox got for Johnny Damon have been struggling. Kris Johnson had a 5.56 ERA in A-Ball, and Daniel Bard walked 78 batters in 75 innings, creating a 7.08 ERA in A-Ball. His ERA dropped to 1.08 in 16 Hawaii League games, but still walked 15 in those 16 innings.

Dellin Betances and David Robertson (who I'm very high on) are the next best potential out of the '06 draft for the Yankees.

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Ross said...

This is why I can't wait for Jose Vizcaino to sign with somebody as he's a Type B free agent, so while they won't get a first round pick for him the Yankees will get a compensatory pick (which is where they got Joba).

I'll take LaTroy Hawkins and a compensatory pick for Vizcaino in a heartbeat.