Monday, December 03, 2007

I like Hank

I like Hank Steinbrenner and his blunt take it or leave it way (even if there is a little wiggle room if you come back begging like ARod did). I like that he now gave the Twins a deadline and put the pressure on. With Johan Santana doing it too, it makes it more interesting if he really said he refuses to be traded during the season.

It is very unlikely that with an end of the first round pick and sandwich pick that they would get Hughes/Cabrera quality from them.

The rumors are that the Yankees have said the 3rd prospect will not be Chamberalain, Kennedy, Jose Tabata, Austin Jackson, Alan Horne, or Dellin Betances.

A lot of rumors say Alberto Gonzalez, the shortstop the Yankees got in the Randy Johnson deal could be the final peice. If the Red Sox are only including 1 of their "big 3", I think the Yankees have the edge.

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