Friday, November 02, 2007

Theo's Good Moves

According to Ross' "any move you make is a good one if you win the World Series" axiom, with which I agree, the following were fantastic pick-ups by Theo Epstein over the past few years:

Josh Beckett/Mike Lowell - despite Hanley Ramirez's emergence, this was probably already a win.
Coco Crisp - I hated this trade and still don't think Crisp is that good, but all is forgiven.
Eric Gagne - Heh.
Julio Lugo/J.D. Drew - They'll be tested next year in a Keith Foulke sort of way. Hopefully the fans go easier on them.
Daisuke Matsuzaka - I think he'll pan out anyway.
Doug Mirabelli - The hardest to forgive out of all of these.

The other minor guys are Okajima, Cora, Kielty, Hinske, Snyder, and Lopez, but not much was given up to get them, anyway. Good work, Theo!

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