Monday, November 05, 2007

Andy Pettitte pulls a Roger Clemens

Andy Pettitte has declined his player option. I suppose this isn't a shock, as he's already said he's going to pitch for the Yankees or retire, but I really hope he doesn't drag his heels on this for the next month or so (even though it could hurt the Yankees, or at least confuse them). Just make up your mind and get out of the news, already.

Maybe something happens to these guys in growing up in Texas; I hope this doesn't happen to Beckett when he gets towards the end of his career.

But now... what if he actually retires? Then not only is Wang the ace of the Yankees staff, but he's also the veteran presence (except for Pavano, of course). That's crazy. That have to make a serious run at Santana now, right? This could be a killer.

EDIT: Yes, I forgot about Mussina. But I'm not even convinced that he's still rotation material, at least not for a team that plans on being in playoff contention.

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