Monday, September 10, 2007

Triple Steal Fact of the Day

From the Hardball Times:

Baseball Reference's splits also tell us how teams did in various base-running situations... For instance, you can look up how many times they tried to pull off triple steals. After all, the only way to do it is to have the bases loaded, and the splits pages give SB & CS for every variation of bases occupied. These teams were the bravest of them all:

Team           SB      CS     SBA
1969 MIN 12 2 14
1958 DET 3 2 5
1970 MON 3 1 4
1962 LAD 3 1 4
1984 CHC 3 1 4
1972 BAL 3 1 4

OK, look, I knew Billy Martin was a gutsy manager who was mighty damn aggressive, but sweet loving Christ! Twelve stolen bases and two caught steals? (I assume they had some inning-ending outs that caused stolen bases not to count or something). That's unreal. In his first ever season as manager, Rod Carew set a record with seven steals of home. He had them pull off their first triple steal within a month of the season's starts.

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