Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dioner Navarro

I realize I'm tempting fate here, but I do find it hilarious that a guy that the Yankees traded for Randy Johnson may have (rubbing rabbit's foot) possibly just cost them the division. That's the trade that just keeps on taking, the Yankees version of Bard and Merideth for Mirabelli, if you will.

Speaking of the division race, I thought this take, from a Yankees perspective, was interesting. I don't buy it for a second - I'd much rather win the division (of course, my team hasn't actually done it in 12 years) - but it's a good point. But since the Tigers, Mets, and Cubs, among other teams, will be just in front of both the Yankees and Red Sox in the pecking order, it might not even matter.

Back to the Red Sox, they've already clinched a playoff spot, and their magic number in the division is three with five games to go... and I'm still terrified that they're going to blow the division lead. I need help.

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