Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fun with Team Batting Averages

The Yankees got their team batting average up to .291 with today's performance. Also, they seem to be having their team average rise every month:

April: .268
May: .277
June: .284
July: .319
August: .379

The Braves are the only other team in baseball to have their average go up each month so far.

On the whole, batting averages in baseball have gone up every month as well.

The Red Sox range from .262 in April to .289 in May (.333 so far this month).

The Mets range from .287 in April to .252 in May (.308 so far this month).

The largest range of any team was the Tigers, at .058, .309 in May after a .251 April (only at .238 this month).

The most consistent team over the first four months was the Padres, consistently bad that is. They had the smalled range of .015, and are the only team to not hit .250 in any month so far, ranging from .234 to 249.

The White Sox .225 April was the worst month any team has had. They followed that up with a .243 May, and a .237 June, before finally breaking through with a .266 July. The White Sox are the only AL Team with a team batting average below .250.

The Yankees .319 in July tied the Angels .319 in June for the highest in a month.

The Phillies had the high in a month for an NL team, by hitting .315 in July. They top the NL in team batting average at .278.

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Ross said...

The Yankees still have an outside chance at 1000 runs scored this year. They need to average 6.69 runs per game over their final 52 games. That is an awful lot, however, over their past 30 games, they've averaged 7.73 runs per game, one full run more than they'll have to average.

It's still unlikely though, as they do face a number of better pitching teams over the final 52 than the past 30.