Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trivia Question of the Day: most home runs as a LF

The top two players all time in home runs as a left fielder (that is, only home runs hit in games where the player played LF) are pretty easy: Bonds and Williams (edit: I had said Ruth, but that was wrong, since he played so many games in RF). Who's #3?

(I was very surprised when I read it, but I have no way to prove it wrong, so hopefully I haven't been lied to.)


Sully said...

When I read your original post, my first thought was Williams, but since you made it sound like that would be way too obvious, I thought it must have been wrong. Glad to know I was on the right track.

As for the real answer, I have no idea. Was Mel Ott an outfielder? Did Musial play left?

I guess I'll make Al Kaline my official guess, since that seems random enough, but I'm looking forward to being surprised.

Warren said...

Luis Gonzalez. He only has 342 home runs, but apparently no one ahead of him was a LF for enough of their career to beat that. Crazy, huh?

Sully said...

Yeah, never would have guessed that.