Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trenton Pitching

The Trenton Thunder have used 19 pitchers this season, all but 4 of them have ERAs beneath 3.00, and one of the 4 who is over that is Roger Clemens, and another one only threw 1/3 of an inning:

0.54 Edwar Ramirez
0.90 Chase Wright
1.16 Scott Patterson
1.80 Justin Pope
1.93 Tim Lavigne
2.10 Michael Gardner
2.26 Alan Horne
2.28 Gerardo Casadiego
2.40 Paul Thorpe
2.43 Ian Kennedy
2.60 Joba Chamberlain
2.70 Jason Jones
2.80 Brett Smith
2.81 Jeff Kennard
2.90 Kevin Whelan
3.18 Jeff Marquez
5.06 Roger Clemens
9.42 Zachary Kroenke
54.00 Rob Zimmerman


Sully said...

Look, if you want to put up posts with no labels, that's one thing. But at least give the thing a title.

Ross said...

It wouldn't let me. I couldn't type in there.

Sully said...

I gave it a generic one - hope that's okay.