Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wouldn't want to be the pitcher...

It's one thing to be the pitcher who gives up historic home runs to people, as long as they're not in postseason play. You get your name mentioned forever, and big deal, you were one of 61 or 1 of 715. But I can't imagine any pitcher would want any part of being the one to give it up to Barry Bonds.

That might make Bonds' next 3 home runs hard to come by. After 2 more game against Atlanta, he has 3 games against the Marlins, then 3 at LA and 3 at San Diego. That's followed by 4 against Washington and 5 against Pittsburgh. This means it may be an awfully long time before Bonds breaks the record.

Atlanta might be his best chance. The Marlins have no reason to pitch to him, they're not in a playoff race, they don't NEED to win games. The Dodgers and Padres would be his next best chance, as they do need to win games, but how much do all of their pitchers despise Bonds? I'm guessing more than any others in baseball, having to face his performance enhanced stats so many times a season, and having him beating up on them so many times for so many years.

Then come the 9 games against Washington and Pittsburgh, 2 teams with little need to win games. If he still hasn't done it by then, there comes 3 more at Atlanta, but do the Giants even want him to do it on the road? Probably not.

August 21st - 26th may finally be the end of the chase, with 6 games at home against the Brewers and Cubs. Both teams need to win games, and that could mean pitching to Bonds if he comes up in certain situations. I don't expect these last 3 home runs to be hit for quite some time. He needs to get the next one quickly, because they're only getting harder from there.

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