Sunday, July 15, 2007

Edwin Jackson

I don't understand how Edwin Jackson is in the Major Leagues. I know the Devil Rays' pitching is horrible as it has been throughout their entire history. But isn't there some released pitcher, some journeyman out there, some minor leaguer in their system, or anybody else's system that they can get really cheaply, better than Edwin Jackson.

Let's forget for a moment that he has a career ERA of 6.18. Over the past four years his ML ERA is at 6.68 over the past four seasons. Forget about the fact that he's 1-9 with a 7.23 ERA this season.

Let's just look at the fact that he spent part of the last 3 seasons in AAA, pitching over 225 innings there, and has a lifetime AAA ERA of 6.45. Of the 98 pitchers in AAA right now, with a qualifying number of innings, only 5 have an ERA above that.

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Warren said...

Well, he used to be a great prospect (#4 by Baseball America in 2004 - the highest pitcher on the list). I haven't seen him pitch in a long time, be he used to have great stuff. Maybe he stills does, but if you walk 6 batters per 9 innings, it's hard to be successful.