Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Conversion Begins

Joba's conversion to relief pitcher started well yesterday. Joba pitched the 7th inning for Scranton yesterday, a perfect inning in which he struck out the side. That can't hurt his chances of getting a call-up. I wish they'd just do it now, but they may give him a Wednesday inning, see how his arm reacts and then call him up Friday.

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Sully said...

And it continued a little at the major league level with the trade of Scott Proctor. There's now a wide open spot in the Yankee pen for Chamberlain.

As an aside, I think that's a great deal for the Yankees - relief pitchers are so over-valued at this time of year, and they managed to leverage a mediocre, over-worked middle man for a useful infielder that they can actually use on their major league roster.