Thursday, July 12, 2007

500 Home Runs

Alex Rodriguez hit his 495th home run of his career tonight. This makes me start having to think how much of an effort do I want to make to see his 500th home run. It's always possible that I already have tickets to the game he does it. It's possible that he does it on the road, guaranteeing I won't be there.

I don't think I'm going to start going to games when he has 498, despite the possibility that he could club two in a game. I do think I will start atteneding every home game as long as he's sitting on 499 (assuming I can get tickets at a reasonable price).

Milestones and Accomplishments I've seen:

3 Home Run Game - Mike Stanley - 495 times it has been done
2000th Hit - Derek Jeter - 247 Players
Cycle - Tony Fernandez - 232 times since 1901
No-Hitter - Doc Gooden - 211 times since 1901
300th Win - Roger Clemens - 22 Pitchers
Perferct Game - David Cone - 17 Pitchers (including pre-1901)
350th Win - Roger Clemens - 8 Pitchers
4000th Strikeout - Roger Clemens - 4 Pitchers

Not only will ARod be the 22nd player to 500 home runs, he'll be the youngest as well. It's a pretty cool accomplishment, and I'll definitely make an effort to be there. I'm sure I'll make just as much if not more of an effort for Derek Jeter's 300th hit.

I'm in New York's large minority in thinking Rodriguez will be a Yankee after this season, but if I'm right, I'll make more of an effort for home runs #600, #700, and I will fly to the game if necessary to see him pass Barry Bonds.

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