Saturday, June 09, 2007

Torre's Pushing the Envelope

I haven't seen Joe Torre manage like this during the regular season for a long time. However, I guess it's necessary as the Yankees can't afford any deeper of a hole. There's no question he's managing to win each game and not for October.

He's stretching some of the starters, like Pettitte going 8 yesterday (although his pitch count was low), and bring Clemens out for the 6th inning today, when he was already just shy of 100 pitches.

Mariano Rivera pitched 2 innings last night, when he got 5 outs the night before. I did some research, and the last time Torre used Mariano Rivera for 11 outs in the regular season in a 2 day stretch was over a decade ago, when he recorded 11 outs between April 7th and 8th, 1997.

Then today, Jorge Posada catches a day game after he caught a night game, which is extremely unusual.

It's interesting, as I'm not used to watching Torre manage this way.

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Sully said...

As far as letting the starters go deep(er) into games, that's probably a good thing, given the mileage on Proctor and Farnsworth already, and the amount of times he's subjected the viewing public to Vizcaino.

On the same note, Rivera hasn't really pitched that much yet, so getting 11 outs from him in consecutive games probably isn't as bad as it seems at this point. I see all of this as a sign that Torre finally realized that he can't trust his middle inning guys. This is a bad thing for the rest of the AL.