Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Rule 4 Draft on TV

I actually took a late lunch to check this out (why are they doing this on a Thursday, by the way?), and so far, I'm pretty impressed. The only Baseball Tonight stooge that I can see is Steve Phillips, as he, Ravech, and Gammons are on site. Keith Law, Jim Callis, and David Rawnsley (who?) are also reporting from various locations - it's nice to see some people with heads on their shoulders on an ESPN network.

And I'm loving the bottom line news clips about teams' drafting histories and patterns. I'm giving this my seal of approval... but Bud hasn't spoken yet.

EDIT: And they have game updates as they go! Alex Gordon is a homer away from the cycle in Cleveland. I might not go back to work.

EDIT: They interviewed David Price, and he seems like a good kid. I'm rooting for him. And the Royals just drafted a Boras guy (Mike Moustakas) #2! Wow... good for them, but I feel like he's a reach there. Like I know what I'm talking about.

EDIT: They just showed a hilarious shot of five guys in matching Brewers t-shirts cheering the Brewers selection of Matt LaPorta, a Florida first baseman and the third Boras guy off the board. It seems that the Brewers and Devil Rays are the only teams with fans there. I wonder if they tailgated. And I wonder if the Brewers, with a loaded home-grown infield, don't think Prince Fielder can hold up for the long haul. Interesting pick.


Warren said...

You can also watch this on, which is what I'm doing as I pretend to work.

If Rick Porcello falls all the way to the Yankees...that will suck. Hopefully then he'd get hurt.

Sully said...

I was dreading the same thing. Luckily, the Tigers took him, although that's a team that might be even better than the Yanks in the next few years.