Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'll be seeing Clemens a lot...

The Yankees have 18 more home games before the All-Star break. I have tickets for 10 of the games. If Clemens starts every 5th game, I will be at all of his home games before the break (coincidentally, that is).

Of course that starts today wtih Pittsburgh. Then the Mets on Friday (I'll be at all 3 Mets games). His following stadium start will be July 2nd against the Twins (which I have tickets to, but that is the only one of the 10 games that I'm not entirely sure I can go to), and finally on my Dad's birthday July 7th against the Angels, which ironically is Old-Timers day.

This brings up the question of how many of the "Old-Timers" will be younger than Roger Clemens. Past Old-Timers include Jim Leyritz, David Cone, and Jim Abbott who are all younger. I'm assuming Joe Girardi will be there this year, and if either Tino Martinez or Paul O'Neill show up, there may be many participants in that game younger than Roger Clemens.

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