Sunday, May 06, 2007

Network Busy

Well, I think it's only right that Clemens went to the Yankees seeing that I'm the only one of the three of us who likes the guy, I think I deserved him on my team for that.

It was insane at the ballpark. Nobody could hear what he said the crowd absolutely errupted as soon as they saw his face on the screen.

I feel bad for Darrell Rasner, as he had a great start, his ERA is down to 2.75 and nobody is going to be talking about him, and his chances of sticking with the team for the remainder of the season took a big hit with Clemens signing as well.

As soon as it happened of course I felt like I needed to call everybody. It took a little bit to get through to both of you as my phone said "Network Busy." Grillo, who was at the game with me, was trying to call his brother, but his phone also said "Network Busy." Everybody in the Stadium was trying to call everybody they knew.

I thought it was fitting that Grillo was with me today. First, because not only was Miguel Cairo playing, but he finally raised his average above .000 (Wil Nieves who played as well is still at .000, which is amazing to have two players at .000 who have been on the ML roster for over a month). Also, Grillo was with me at the Roger Clemens 300th win, 4000th K game, which in that game Grillo's favorite player, Miguel Cairo was playing in that one as well, but then he was the road player with the Cardinals.

So good things have happened for me when Cairo, Grillo, and Clemens come together.

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Sully said...

I think the correct conclusion is "good things happen to Clemens when you, Grillo, and Cairo are together." First, he ended the Forever 299 tour, and then he got ten million more (prorated) than the Red Sox had offered. Good times.

But you're right, I can't stand that self-serving, roid-pumping, bat-throwing, money-grubbing, fat hick traitor at all - he belongs with the Yankees. The only thing that surprised me about the announcement yesterday was how early it came.