Monday, April 09, 2007

Snow Games

So the Indians and Mariners might lose their entire series (and the only time Seattle comes to Cleveland this season) to snow, and now MLB is even considering moving the Angels series in Cleveland to Anaheim. That's bad enough, but the Yankees and Tigers have also had games cancelled already due to "cold weather," and there could easily be more.

The obvious question is "why are these games being played in the northern part of the country to begin with?" The answer: because MLB doesn't know what they're doing. People have been saying this for years, but it really needs to be hammered home: there's no excuse whatsoever for not using every single dome at MLB's disposal for the first week of the season. That doesn't solve every problem, but it helps to solve some of them. The following teams should be at home to start the season every year:

Tampa Bay

Beyond that, there's no reason not to have the other extreme southern markets host games in the first week as well, so include the rest of these teams as well:

Los Angeles
San Diego

I may be missing a team or two, but that's 13 locations where there's no reason to expect weather delays right out of the chute. You can choose the other two from cities somewhere in the middle: San Francisco, Oakland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Baltimore, maybe Colorado. Either way, it severely limits the chances of lost games.

And even if they do end up sticking with the current, proven-to-fail model, why are teams making their only visit to certain cities in the first week of the season? What fun is that? I've said it before and I'll say it again - there should be as many divisional games as possible right out of spring training. If you know that weather is going to be a factor, then plan around it and have the home team play against a team that it will definitely see again.

Simple, right? Until you realize that MLB is running the show...


Ross said...

Just wait, when Minnesota, the team in probably the coldest location of any ML team, gets their new stadium, there is no roof on it.

Sully said...

Yeah, that's a terrible idea. I still don't understand how they can honestly think that will turn out well...

Ross said...

They needed a retractable roof. I understand that they need an outside option as nobody in Minnesota wants be inside during the summer, but just an open-air ballpark, that's insane too.