Sunday, April 01, 2007

Predictions, Part II

Ross and Sully, feel free to edit my post and put your answers in, or add some new questions...

Will Barry Bonds break Hank Aaron's record this season?
Warren: Yes
Sully: Yes
Ross: Yes

The NL's winning percentage in interleague play will be:
Warren: .480
Sully: .476
Ross: .440

How many of the Chris Youngs will have disappointing seasons?
Warren: 0
Sully: 0
Ross: 1

Ken Griffey, Jr. will play in how many games?
Warren: 98
Sully: 87
Ross: 101

Will a star player get caught using PEDs this season?
Warren: No
Sully: (Caught meaning fail an MLB drug test? In that case, no. But more big names will come out)
Ross: only minor players

Baseball America's 2008 top prospect will be:
Warren: Evan Longoria
Sully: No freaking idea
Ross: Cameron Maybin

The first manager to be fired will be:
Warren: John Gibbons
Sully: Mike Hargrove
Ross: Mike Hargrove

The Mets player most likely to exceed expectations is:
Warren: Lastings Milledge
Sully: Mike Pelfry
Ross: Shawn Green (It's my Jew vote. I wonder if he's going to a passover seder tonight)

The Mets player most likely to disappoint is:
Warren: Jose Reyes
Sully: Moises Alou
Ross: Mike Pelfry

The Yankees player most likely to exceed expectations is:
Warren: Alex Rodriguez
Sully: Alex Rodriguez
Ross: Alex Rodriguez, Carl Pavano (all Pavano has to do to exceed expectations is to stay healthy trough April)

The Yankees player most likely to disappoint is:
Warren: Chien-Ming Wang
Sully: Robinson Cano
Ross: Kei Igawa

The Red Sox player most likely to exceed expectations is:
Warren: Wily Mo Pena
Sully: Josh Beckett
Ross: Jon Lester

The Red Sox player most likely to disappoint is:
Warren: Jon Papelbon
Sully: Coco Crisp
Ross: Daisuke Matsuzaka

Will be knocked down a peg:
Warren: Ryan Howard
Sully: Justin Verlander
Ross: Delmon Young

2006 playoff team least likely to make the playoffs in 2007:
Warren: Dodgers
Sully: Dodgers
Ross: Cadinals

Will Joel Zumaya permanently take over as Tigers closer in 2007?
Warren: Yes
Sully: No
Ross: Yes

The biggest midseason trade acquisition will be:
Warren: Andruw Jones, by the Red Sox (for Jacoby Ellsbury* and Wily Mo Pena)
Sully: Ichiro Suzuki, by the Dodgers (for Chad Billingsley and Andre Ethier)
Ross: Jeff Kent to the Red Sox (for Dustin Pedroia and Daniel Bard**)

First announced rotation member to lose their spot due to ineffectiveness:
Warren: Sidney Ponson (to Matt Garza)
Sully: Sidney Ponson (to anyone)
Ross: Josh Towers

The pitcher with the highest ERA in at least 100 IP will be:
Warren: Brandon Duckworth
Sully: Horacio Ramirez
Ross: Odalis Perez

The pitcher with the lowest ERA in at least 40 IP will be:
Warren: Mike Gonzalez
Sully: Jonathan Broxton
Ross: Mariano Rivera

The number of days we'll go without hearing from Ross after the Yankees are eliminated from the playoffs:
Warren: 24
Sully: 16
Ross: Not Applicable as they will win the World Series

* - Sully says: "If they trade Ellsbury, I'll be very upset."
** - Sully says: "And if they trade Bard, I'll be shocked."

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Ross said...

For NL Winning Percentage in interleague play I thought about putting .001, figuring we're using Price is Right rules.