Friday, April 06, 2007

Paul Byrd's No-Hit Bid

Is in a Blizzard right now. He's pitched 4.2 no-hit innings and it's a blizzard. If it gets snowed out now, he's ends up one out away from an unofficial snow-shortened no-hitter (I believe there have been 4 rain-shortened no hitters in history, which include both Melido and Pascual Perez).

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Sully said...

Okay, this is just absurd. They were one strike away from an official game, and the umps called for a delay because Mike Hargrove asked them to? You think the fact that his team was getting no-hit and losing by 4 runs had anything to do with it? I always knew Hargrove was a bad manager, but now I'm convinced that he's just a bad person. I can't imagine that Paul Byrd will be sending him a Christmas card anytime soon.