Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe Borowski Is The Devil

So how's this for a kick in the junk? After the Red Sox finally got a home run from Manny to tie the Blue Jays in the eighth, and survived some shaky managing from Francona in the next two half-innings to pull out a series win in Toronto, the Indians took a 6-2 lead into the bottom of the ninth at Yankee Stadium. I assume Joe Borowski was already warming up in the top of the inning before the Indians tacked on their insurance run, which is why he ended up in the game with a four-run lead. He started out getting Cano and Cabrera for two quick outs, but here's how the rest of the inning unfolded:

Phelps homered to left (Indians, 6-3)
Posada singled to center
Damon walked
Jeter singled to left, scoring Posada (Indians, 6-4)
Abreu singled to left, scoring Damon (Indians, 6-5)
Rodriguez homered to DEEP left center, ending the game (Yankees, 8-6)

Six batters, zero outs. And now A-Rod's legend grows and we have to hear all about him conquering his unclutchiness Saturday on FOX and Sunday night on ESPN. Terrific.


Warren said...

I could have sworn that Billy Wagner had a similar loss-not-blown-save early last season, but Baseball-Reference tells me I'm wrong. What I'm probably remembering is this game, where Wagner came in with a 4-run lead against the Yankees and got pulled after allowing the tying run. I remember think that Randolph was crazy for wasting Wagner in that situation, but that ended up being the wrong criticism, apparently.

And Borowski's on my fantasy team, of course. Along with Brad Lidge. And I traded for B.J. Ryan they day before we went on the DL. Eep.

Ross said...

ARod will be facing the Red Sox top 3 pitchers at Fenway, but you have to wonder if he's hitting home runs at this rate at Yankee Stadium, if he can just get the bat on the ball at Fenway it has a chance of going out.