Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's up to Rasner

Sure Igawa gave up 7 runs yesterday, but isn't that a little bit of a glass half empty way of looking at it. Afterall, he became the first Yankee starter to pitch 5 innings this season.

As terrible a start as the Yankee rotation has been, the one positive is how good they've made the bullpen look. The bullpen has thrown more innings than the starters, and there have been no extra innings.

Starters: 17.1 innings, 9.87 ERA, .354 OBA, 10 K's, 11 BB's.
Relievers: 18.2 innings, 1.45 ERA, .175 OBA, 13 K's, 4 BB's.

Today the Yankees throw Darrell Rasner out there, their #7 starter, to try and give them so length as to not overwork and blowout the bullpen.

Rivera has gotten so little work, he was going to come into yesterday's game down by 4 runs. Giambi hit the 3-run home run so he pitched down by just 1 run, and then got the win.

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