Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Double Header at Some Point

The Yankees and Devil Rays will have to play a double-header at some point this season. The Yankees don't have a day off before or after any of their home games with the D-Rays the rest of the season.

They play them from July 20th - 22nd and August 31st - September 2nd. I'm sort of thinking they would be better off rescheduling the game for either September 1st or 2nd, where you have the extended rosters and you can use the AAA pitchers, maybe even Hughes ML debut if he hasn't had it by that point.

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Sully said...

For some reason, the Red Sox tend to schedule make-up games on common off days a lot, even if it's not the day before or the day after a series with the other team. I assume they just do this to avoid double headers and make more money, but it must be really annoying for the players. Anyway, that could be an option for the Yankees and Rays.