Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Beat the Streak

I decided to play Beat the Streak again on I was miserable when I tried it last season. After I got up to about 8 games the player I chose sat out with a stomach virus, so I lost my streak. Got a hit the next night. The next day my player chosen sat out again, and the next night the guy I chose went 0-for-4. So not getting a hit 3 of 4 nights, I gave up.

The all-time Beat the Streak Leader is only at 43. Nobody has come close.

Game 1 I chose Jose Reyes, having only the ability to chose Mets or Cardinals. All of the Mets' starters had a hit (even Glavine) by the 9th except for Reyes. He got a hit in the 9th though, as I was fortunate the Mets were playing on the road.

Game 2, I forgot who I chose that day, I thought it wasn't a Yankee with it being Kazmir on the mound, but turns out it was. I had decided since all team's were facing opening day starters, I may as well choose Jeter, as I just didn't imagine him taking an 0fer on opening day. So that got my streak up to 2.

Game 3, I originally took Matt Holliday, againt Livan Hernandez. Then when I went to look at my selections, I saw how great a history Todd Helton had against Livan, and Holliday didn't so I changed it. By game time I was wishing I hadn't, thinking Helton walks too much.

Sure enough, in the first inning Holliday gets a hit and Helton walks. Helton walked twice during the game, and didn't get a hit off Livan. The game went to extra innings and that was fortunate for me, as Todd Helton got a hit in the 11th inning.

My Current Streak: 3
54 more for $100,000

Tonight's choice: Robinson Cano vs. Jae Seo

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Sully said...

I'm a little surprised you never took Vlad against the Rangers. I think he's only ever played in one game against them where he DIDN'T get a hit...