Thursday, April 12, 2007

9-4-2-6 Double Play

Carl Crawford just made one of the worst base running plays I've ever seen. In the top of the ninth in a tie game in Minnesota, Crawford was batting with nobody out and Ben Zobrist on first base. Crawford hit a double to the gap off of Joe Nathan, but Cuddyer cut it off quickly in the gap, and Zobrist stopped at third.

For some reason, though, Crawford rounded second and kept running. When he saw this, Zobrist started towards the plate. The second baseman threw the ball in to Mauer at home, and he ran Zobrist back towards third. Crawford by this time was standing at third, so Zobrist had nowhere to go, and Mauer eventually caught up to him and tagged him out.

Play over, right? Not so fast; just before Zobrist was tagged out, Crawford started back towards second base for no discernible reason. Mauer threw back to the shortstop, who tagged Crawford out at second.

Damnedest thing I've ever seen. And now Morneau just hit a somewhat predictable walk-off homer in the bottom of the inning. That's an awful loss for the Devil Rays.

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Warren said...

Brings back (horrible) memories of Roger Cedeno.