Thursday, March 08, 2007

Schilling's Blog

If you love him or hate him, or just think he talks too much, Curt Schilling is an engaging personality, and he knows a lot about pitching and baseball as a whole. And his new blog reflects that. His posts are, unsurprisingly, long and wordy, but his in-game insight is very interesting, and he expresses himself in a much more honest manner than other players, some of whom have MySpace pages with links to e-mail their publicists. I don't pretend to think that Schilling is going to respond to every comment personally, but there's no charade here - you're getting his thoughts in his own words, which is refreshing.

Plus, just the fact that he posts regularly and actually knows baseball automatically makes this one of the best Red Sox blogs out there. I'm already interested to see what he has to say about approaching free agency, and the first time he gets shelled in the regular season, because he always seems pretty hard on himself.

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Warren said...

He is a blowhard, but blowhards make good writers, and his entries so far have been well written and very interesting.