Friday, March 16, 2007

Igawa did his best Cabrera Impression

I don't know if it's fair to follow each start of Matsuzaka and Igawa as closely as is happening.

Unlike a Mike Mussina, or an Andy Pettitte, or a Curt Schilling, or a Tim Wakefield, we follow every start, and try to read into every start. However, the Japanese imports are not your traditional rookies. They may be just getting their arm in shape and not trying to win people over like a Jeff Karstens.

Igawa walked the first two batters he faced last night. Then struck out Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones, and Craig Wilson to finish out the 1st inning. When his three innings were done, he walked 4, struck out 5, and allowed just 1 hit.

That means in 7 spring innings, he's walked 7 and struck out 12. People say his fastball has been around 88 to 90, and think that's a problem. I don't see that as too much of a problem, as he seems to have no problem getting strikeouts. He's led the Japanese league in K's 3 times, including last season.

The newspapers want the Yankees to give his rotation spot to Jeff Karstens. I'd rather Igawa have it for now. I think Igawa will start the season having some extreme starts. He'll have a few 8-inning, 1-run starts, and a few 3-inning, 5-run starts, and it will be up to Igawa and Guidry to work out some of the issues.

I just hope that when he has his more wild days that they are at Yankee Stadium where he'll be less likely to give up a 3-run homer after the walks.

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Sully said...

"When his three innings were done, he walked 4, struck out 5, and allowed just 1 hit."

Is it too early to start calling him "Nuke"?