Thursday, March 01, 2007


Box scores! I even bought sunflower seeds yesterday! Baseball is finally back, and I'm jacked and pumped! I can't stop using exclamation points!

Of course, there's not much to report from the Red Sox-Twins game last night. Pineiro and Tavarez looked shaky, Schilling looked fine, Joe Mauer is really good. I did learn one thing: Alex Ochoa has a very good arm. Not only did he gun down the potential winning run at the plate in the ninth, but earlier in the inning he fielded a sure double down the right field line and threw a laser to second, making a close play out of what shouldn't have been a play at all.

Those two throws got me wondering if he could actually make the team. I'm pretty sure he won't, but if it comes down to Ochoa and David Murphy, the choice will be harder than I thought. The Red Sox already have Wily Mo Pena and Eric Hinske as reserve outfielders, but Hinske is also a reserve at the infield corners, so they need to carry another outfielder who can play center. I'd rather see them keep Murphy (2-for-3 with a run last night) because he's got more upside, but based on the incredibly small sample size of one half-inning, Ochoa wouldn't bother me too much.

I just spent two paragraphs talking about Alex Ochoa. Wow, did I miss baseball.

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