Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Curse the unbalanced schedule!

Alan Schwarz looks into 2007's unbalanced schedule:

The only reason the Mets are not playing all eight playoff teams from last year is that they were one of them. The Mets have wound up with an interleague schedule with three-game series against the Yankees (twice), the Twins, the Tigers and the A’s, 2006 postseason teams all. Their interleague opponents’ average 2006 winning percentage is .590, by far the highest among the 30 teams.

Meanwhile, the Marlins, going for the same National League East crown, get two series against the Devil Rays and one each against the Royals, the Twins, the Indians and the White Sox. The combined winning percentage of their six A.L. opponents is .461, or 29th over all.

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Sully said...

I would really like an explanation as to how the Mets are playing teams from all three AL divisions. That's just dumb.

And how are the Dodgers and Blue Jays playing each other six times? Stupid MLB. The obvious solution is to create 6 five-team divisions, and it's ludicrous that this is never even mentioned.