Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baseball America's List

So the AL East had the most prospects in the top 100 with 22. 5 for the Yankees and Red Sox, 7 for the D-Rays, 3 for the Jays and 2 for the O's.

The Padres were the only team to get shut out completely.

The Rockies led the majors with 8.

The AL West had the fewest prospects at 10 (and the fewest per team).

While the Braves had the most in the NL East at 5, none of them came before #36. The Mets with 4, were the only NL East team with a player in the top 30. The Nationals finally snuck in there at #95.

However, I read the list because I can't not read the list. However, it's still fresh in my mind that Wang and Cano did not make the 2005 list, and the two of them have had a huge impact in the majors, so I'm not putting too much stock into the list, as who knows which minor leaguers not there will have that kind of impact the next couple of years.

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