Friday, February 09, 2007

My "Khalil Greene" Moment

I'd like to think that I keep up pretty well with the minor leagues and prospects in every organization. So I was quite surprised when I saw this photo of Royals top prospect Alex Gordon.

Let's just say that his skin is a quite a few shades lighter than what I expected. Although, kind in mind this is coming from someone who spent most of his childhood reading baseball books, and yet was still convinced that Eddie Mathews was black.

What's your most recent "Khalil Greene" moment?

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Sully said...

Definitely Jeremy Brown - for about a year after I read Moneyball I thought that he was black. Howie Kendrick was tricky, too. I have no idea what Elijah Dukes looks like, but nothing would surprise me.

I have to say that Gordon doesn't surprise me at all - I always pictured him as being white.