Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lenny DiNardo

The Red Sox apparently tried to sneak him through waivers, but it didn't work, as he was claimed by the A's. I don't like this - I know DiNardo didn't perform last year when he was given plenty of chances to start, but his minor league track record suggests that he could be a decent starter. You have to imagine that they could have traded him or at least tried to put Javier Lopez through waivers first.

DiNardo's versatility could have come in handy with a few old guys (Wakefield, Schilling) and a few unproven guys (Papelbon, Lester) being counted on in the rotation. Considering that they're still carrying Rule Fiver Nick DeBarr, who has no chance of making the team, I'm not a huge fan of this move.

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Warren said...

Roster antics always confuse me - the Mets lost a decent prospect in the Rule 5 draft this year when they had some pretty crappy players on their 40-man roster. But at least in that case their thought was that the player was so far from the majors that no one would take him (and even if they did, might not be able to keep him in the majors all year).