Monday, January 29, 2007

Curt Schilling

Contrary to what he said last season, he's now decided that he wants to pitch beyond 2007. If the Red Sox could sign him to a Mussina-type extension, I'd be all for it; even if he does start to decline a little bit, they shouldn't have to lean on him as much to be the "ace" of the rotation considering the youth of the rest of the rotation (except for Wakefield).

I do wonder why he's had this change of heart all of a sudden. Maybe it's the money, but I think he wants to make the hall of fame, and if he can get up to 240 wins or so (he's at 207 now), and maybe win another World Series, then he'd have a better chance. I didn't hear the interview, but apparently he wants to get something resolved with the Red Sox before the season starts. I wonder how this will affect the Helton talks as far as the future payroll goes.

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