Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shouldering the Burden

So it seems that J.D. Drew may have failed his physical. Will Carroll (take grain of salt) also writes that:

sources have told me that Drew showed problems in his shoulder that “could shut down his power.” Drew had minor surgery on his shoulder after the 2005 season, so it’s possible that there’s more damage in there. It’s important to note that in free agent acquisitions, a team often does not have the benefit of requesting medical records from his previous team prior to signing. Speculation centers on the damage to Drew’s shoulder being more like Scott Rolen circa 2005. As Massarotti reports, it is more likely that the Red Sox get protection in the form of a very limited escape clause rather than scuttling the deal altogether.

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Sully said...

That Scott Rolen comment scares the bejeesus out of me. I don't think the Sox have the stones to walk away from this deal altogether right now, but I would. That's too much money over too many years for that big a medical problem. There's not really anyone left on the market, though, so they'll probably work in some non-guarantee language somehow. I'm officially terrified of this signing...