Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fielding Graphs

Baseball Musings has posted their fielding graphs for 2006. These are really interesting, and help show what areas of the field particular players excel in, and where they have problems. For example, here's Derek Jeter:

The blue-dotted line is the difference between the expected number of outs recorded in a particular area of the field and the actual number of outs Jeter made. You can see that, in 2006, he was about average to his right, above average just to his left, but below average up the middle.

Adam Everett (maybe the best fielding shortstop in the game right now) has a different profile:

He is average or slightly below to his right, but more than makes up for it by getting to a ton of extra balls to his left.

One more - here's Giambi:

As you'd expect, he's particularly bad at getting to balls that aren't hit directly at him (although range certainly isn't everything for a first baseman).

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