Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The New CBA

It appears that Selig and Fehr are going to formally announce the signing of a new collective bargaining agreement tonight before Game Three. Right now, no earth-shattering changes have been reported, as the salary structure and most importantly the drug policy remain unchanged. But rumors are swirling that draft-pick compensation for lost free agents is gone, which is a good thing, especially if it comes with a draft-pick salary slotting system.

I've heard Gammons say, a few times, that since drafted players aren't part of the union, the owners could establish a slotting system without angering the players, as long as draft-pick compensation was eliminated. As long as picks aren't tied to union member salaries, which they were under the old draft pick compensation system but wouldn't be now, then the draft wouldn't need to be collectively bargained. Let's hope this is something that comes to fruition - hopefully we don't need to read about more players slipping in the draft due to "signability issues," or guys like JD Drew not signing with the team that drafted them and re-entering the next year.

And by the way, why is it okay for Selig to make his own, press-conference-worthy, self-back-patting, major announcements during the World Series, but the Red Sox can't even announce the re-signing of Mike Timlin? I hate Bud.


Warren said...

Good summary of the details of the agreement here.

The biggest deal I see is that draft-and-follows are basically gone. Too bad - I always thought they were a neat little baseball-only thing.

Sully said...

Yeah, most of the reports before the thing was official were way off, huh?

I like most of the changes, but if you're going to cut back on draft pick compensation, why not just get rid of it altogether? I don't see how this is better.

And is it me, or is "signability" now MORE of a problem under this new agreement?