Thursday, October 19, 2006

Give Me a Happy Birthday

Come on, the Mets can't lose a Game 7 on my birthday, right? This can be repayment for what happened 7 years ago today - the Kenny Rogers bases-loaded walk.

It's nice to have a Game 7 - none of the other five series this postseason have ended any closer than 3-1. Other than this series, the team winning the series has gone 16-2. Actually, the first round (two 3-0 and two 3-1 series) tied for the most lopsided (since the extra round of playoffs was added) with 1996 and 1998.

It's Glavine's day to throw on the side, so I bet we see him tonight. How about 2 innings of Oliver Perez, 2 from Darren Oliver, 1 from Glavine, 1 from Bradford/Feliciano, 1 from Mota, 1 from Heilman and 1 from Wagner.

Perez is crazy. I would not be surprised if he gave up 5 runs in 1/3 of an inning, or if he gave up no runs and struck out 10 in 5 innings. In that Kenny Rogers game, the Mets had Al Leiter give up 5 runs in zero innings. They still came back to send it to extra innings. I think something similar will happen tonight, but hopefully with a better ending.


Sully said...

It really is amazing, what's happened with Oliver Perez. He was a stud prospect coming up with San Diego, then he gets traded WITH Jason Bay for Brian Giles in a move that could have single-handedly re-built 27 of the 30 franchises in MLB. Unfortunately, he ended up with one of the three that couldn't capitalize on it, Pittsburgh (KC and Tampa being the other two).

In 2004, he was a borderline Cy Young candidate, but since then he's been all over the place, showing flashes of brilliance occasionally, but pitching so poorly that he was sent back to the minors last year. The Pirates reportedly could have traded him straight up for Hank Blalock before this season, but passed, and then held on and used him as a throw in when his value was at its absolute lowest. Now he's pitching a Game Seven to get to the World Series. This should be a fascinating game.

Happy birthday, Warren. I've been resisting posting anything about this series because of my playoff oh-fer, so I'll have to tell you after it's over what my prediction would have been.

Sully said...

Well that sucked.

I picked the Mets in 7. 0-for-6.