Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gary Sheffield

So the Yankees did what most people (except me) were expecting them to do, and picked up Gary Sheffield's option. And Sheffield, shockingly, is not very happy about this turn of events:

"This will not work, this will not work at all. I don't want to play first base a year for them. I will not do that."

First of all, he sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. But fine, he made his point: he doesn't want to play first base. So that means the Yankees can just trade him to a team that needs an outfielder. Except who would trade for a player that goes and says this?
"Maybe they picked it up just to trade me. If they do that, if I just (go) to a team for one year, there's going to be a problem."
He's ticked off because he couldn't test free agency and sign a multi-year deal somewhere, in which case he probably shouldn't have signed a contract with an option year. I'm giddy over this entire turn of events, personally. Now, not only are the Yanks stuck with a cranky, old, suddenly injury-prone guy playing out of position against his will, they also can't trade him for anything of value because he can't keep his mouth shut. AND this keeps the Red Sox from signing him this off-season, which would have been a disaster.

I'm enjoying the off-season so far.

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