Saturday, October 07, 2006

Enhanced Gameday

Dan Fox reports that has updated their GameDay system:

...What's so cool is that it includes pitch speed and trajectory information using new equipment installed in a few of the ballparks that I'm thinking works in much the same way as K-Zone does with cameras connected to servers that triangulate the location of each pitch and send their results to a central processor. Both in San Diego and at Yankee Stadium things seem to be working well.

I especially like the pitch release point indicator as well as the two different velocities associated with each pitch that show both the "muzzle velocity" and the speed at which the pitch crosses the plate.

It's pretty cool - I'm trying it out right now for the Cardinals-Padres game.

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Sully said...

It is very good, but it could use some work. I was using it this week at work, and the one thing I noticed is that it doesn't tell you how baserunners advance if there isn't a hit. For example, Posada had a passed ball in game two with a man on first, and the runner got to second, but it didn't say how. It could have been a passed ball, a steal, or a failed pickoff throw. Anyway, they still have the old version available, which is good, because it was more informative.

The pitching display is wicked cool on the new one, though.