Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pedro's Calf

Well, this is terrible news. The NL had three chances to win a World Series game: Pedro Martinez, Jake Peavy, and Chris Carpenter. Now Pedro's out and Carpenter's team is in the middle of a historic collapse... it's probably down to Peavy.

Warren... I'm sorry. This really bites.

Of all the missteps the Red Sox have taken over the past two years, letting Pedro walk is looking a-okay by me. They just squandered the money they saved on him on Clement, Wells, and Renteria, but that's another post for another time.


Warren said...

I'm not on suicide watch quite yet. It's not as if the Mets were that reliant on Pedro this season anyway. Since April, Pedro is 4-8 with an 5.00 ERA in 99 innings. The Mets are 79-57 (.581) since April - that would be 94 wins over a full season. Even if AL teams are 10 games better than NL teams, that puts the Mets as a 84-win team in the AL. A 84-win team can definitely beat a 95-win team in a 7-game series - the Mariners suck, and they split the season series with the Yankees.

As terribly as Pedro's been pitching since he came off the DL, the Mets are better off without him. It still blows, though.

Warren said...

Okay, now I'm on suicide watch :) I don't think "terribler" is a word, but it should be.