Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kevin Towers

I suddenly have a lot more respect for this guy. I pretty much think he's only a decent GM, but this column on the Mirabelli trade is freakin' priceless. I think I speak for everyone involved when I say I also wish Towers had traded him to the Yankees.


Warren said...

Towers is strange. On the one hand, I love the trade-him-to-the-Yankees comment. But it's a bit strange to bitch so much about a trade that basically got you into contention for the playoffs.

And, in any case, while it's entertaining for us to read, I wouldn't want Omar Minaya airing dirty laundry like this. Mirabelli seems to deserve it, but I wouldn't want players staying away from the Mets because they don't want to deal with the blabbermouth GM.

Sully said...

I agree that he shouldn't have aired it out like that, but I'm just happy that I know about it. I guess "respect" wasn't the right word - more like "enjoy."