Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yanks' catcher upgrade

Since Ross is on a boat somewhere, I guess I have to comment on the Yankees making a move that I wish the Red Sox would make, upgrading the glaring weakness of back-up catcher. They traded an insignificant minor leaguer to the Phillies to get the recently DFA'd Sal Fasano and his amazing handlebar moustache, then turned around and designated Kelly Stinnett for assignment.

I love Tim Wakefield, but it's times like this when I really wish the Sox weren't tied to this "personal knuckleball catcher" philosophy. Just for comparison's sake:

Sal Fasano.243.286.386.670
Doug Mirabelli.189.274.326.600
Kelly Stinnett.228.282.304.586

Backup catcher wasn't as glaring a need for the Sox as it was for the Yanks, but it's still pretty glaring. If the team thinks Wake is going to be out for any extended period of time, then they should be pursuing a move like this as well, instead of just trying to drive up the price on Bobby Abreu.

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Warren said...

I still think Stinnett is better than Fasano, but whatever.