Friday, July 28, 2006

Trades Get Movin'

ESPN reports:

The Milwaukee Brewers are trading slugger Carlos Lee to the Texas Rangers as part of a multiplayer deal, learned Friday.

The Brewers are sending Lee, minor league outfield prospect Nelson Cruz to the Rangers for relief pitcher Francisco Cordero and outfielders Kevin Mench and Laynce Nix...

Both teams are checking for any medical issues before consummating the deal.


Sully said...

Confirmed on now - Mench and Cordero will be in Milwaukee tonight for their game.

Pretty good move for both teams on the surface, but I haven't looked up service time and crap for Mench and Cordero. Obviously Lee is a FA, but in that lineup and that park, that's a HIYUGE addition in such a tight division.

Warren said...

Lee is sure going to like hitting in that park. Cruz is a decent prospect.

Cordero is (amazingly enough) a free agent after this season (he has a $5 million team option for next year, which I can't imagine they'd pick up). Mench has two more arbitration years after this one.

I would have thought the Brewers would have gotten more for Lee.