Wednesday, July 05, 2006


They've got to get the rest of these dome teams out of their domes. Now that the Twins have a new stadium coming, Tampa will be the only one left, but for the second time this season, a Red Sox hitter was robbed of a hit by a freaking catwalk.

Last month in Minnesota, Ortiz hit a titanic blast that would have been an easy home run, but it hit a catwalk (or a speaker, or something that shouldn't be there) and he ended up with a single. And just now, Youkilis hit a high pop-up to right that may or may not have gone out of play, but it hit a catwalk, bounced back towards center, and was caught by Carl Crawford for an out.

Now, aside from these things being there in the first place... why are they in play? Shouldn't it be a ground rule double if you hit something hanging off of the ceiling, or am I crazy?

By the way, the Sox are down 4-1 now in the bottom of the third, on the verge of losing this series to the Devil Rays. I may have to consult Ross on how to deal with getting consistently smoked by the Rays like this since he's gone through it recently. This is all foreign to me...

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