Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Astros get Huff

Well, the pre-deadline dealing has begun, as the Astros have picked up Aubrey Huff and $1.625 million for two minor leaguers of whom I've never heard (Mitch Talbot and Ben Zobrist). The Astros also sent Jason Lane to AAA to clear a spot on the roster for Huff. Two thoughts:

1) The Rays really should have traded Huff last year if this is all they could get for him and cash at this point. His stock plummeted.

2) Nice move for the Astros. They needed another bat in the lineup, and Huff is getting hot. I assume they'll stick him in the outfield and keep Berkman at first, but either way, it makes their lineup a lot stronger. Plus, Lane needed a good kick in the tail.

Bonus thought: this clears an everyday spot in the lineup for Ty Wigginton. Insert joke here.

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