Thursday, June 22, 2006

We're Not That Old

On May 15th, 1984, when I we were 5 years old (well, Sully you were 6), the Cleveland Indians were facing the Boston Red Sox. On that day, Julio Franco went 1-for-4 against Roger Clemens.

In his career, Franco batted .209 against Clemens in 91 at bats. That's not so bad, actually. Better than Manny (.190), Nomar (.190), Johnny Damon (.189), Jeter (.188), Willie Randolph (.186), Bernie (.178), Tino (.154), O'Neill (.152), Cliff Floyd (.150), Ichiro (.100), JT Snow (.073), Varitek (.071), Cecil Fielder (.043) and so many others. (in case anybody was wonder, David Ortiz was a hair better than Franco at .211)

Some of the best against Clemens include Alan Trammell (.364) and Lou Whitaker (.338), as well as Don Mattingly (.311), Carlos Delgado (.324), Ken Griffey, Jr. (.329), Eddie Murray (.350), Trot Nixon (.367), Alex Rodriguez (.375), Jim Thome (.417), and Gary Sheffield (.533).


Sully said...

Yet another reason Trammell and Whitaker should be in the Hall of Fame...

Ross said...

That was why I mentioned them first. It's just a complete shame how baseball has forgotten how great of a tandem they were.