Monday, June 19, 2006

Sox designate Snow

According to WEEI radio - and here's a link from Presumably, this is the counter move to adding Kyle Snyder to the roster to make the start against (and get completely torched by) the Nationals tonight. I imagine they'll find no takers for Snow's salary and have to cut him in two weeks. I liked this signing initially as a back-up/platoon for Youkilis, but Youk's clearly established himself as an MLB regular now. After the Choi pick-up, he became completely redundant.

I have to wonder whether Francona's preference for playing Millar over Youkilis last year cost the Sox the $2 million that they'll eventually waste on Snow. If Youk had been given more regular at bats, especially in the second half when it was obvious that Millar was done, they would have had a better idea of whether he was ready to be an every-day player (they also may have won the division and avoided the White Sox juggernaut in the first round). Alas, we'll never know.


Warren said...

Youkilis is hitting .335/.442/.571 against righties, which makes having a platoon partner fairly useless. He's hitting only .275/.405/.391 against lefties, which is weird - chalk it up to small sample size.

In any case, I'm sure the Royals will take Snow. Then they can have an extra first baseman block Justin Huber.

Sully said...

I would have agreed a few weeks ago, but Moore isn't that dumb. I hope. I kept thinking that his Dusty connections would land him with the Cubs, but now Lee's almost back.