Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So Long, Tony

Tony Batista has been designated for assignment.

His final line: .236/.303/.388. He was on pace for 15 HR and 63 RBI in 149 games.

At least I have Ross on record making a stupid prediction ("Tony Batista was an extremely smart move"), so that when I get ridiculed for my "four A's pitchers will win 15 games" prediction I have something to fire back with.


Sully said...

Damn! Warren beat me to it. Oh well... it's still funny.

Surprisingly, his runners in scoring position numbers were still pretty good this year, as Ross pointed out (but not his "late and close" numbers). I guess the rest of the package was predictably underwhelming.

Warren said...

According to Twins fans, his defense was hideous, as well.