Friday, June 09, 2006

Did you enjoy the Kaz Matsui era?

The Mets finally dumped Matsui on an unsuspecting Dan O'Dowd, trading him to the Rockies for super-scrub Eli Marrero. They save no money on the deal, but they do pick up outfield reinforcements in Marrero, with Nady out and Floyd banged up. And I think it says something about how badly Matsui wanted out that he waived not only his no-trade clause, but also the clause in his contract forbidding his team from sending him to the minors (the Rockies immediately sent him to Colorado Springs).

I was actually talking to a friend of mine at work today about the Rockies, and we couldn't come up with the name of their second baseman. He's not nearly as big a baseball fan as I am, but I was disappointed in myself for not being able to figure it out. Well, whoever it is (my best guess was Luis A. Gonzalez), I assume Matsui, as bad as he's been, will be better once he comes back up from AAA.

Okay, I'm curious, so I'm looking it up: Colorado's second baseman is Jamey Carroll (Gonzalez is on the DL). Carrol's career line is .277/.355/.352 in 949 at bats. Matsui's is .256/.308/.363 in 857 at bats. Well, I stand corrected, and now I see more vividly the pain that Mets fans have been dealing with all this time...


Ross said...

Eliminate just his first at bat of each season and in the remaining 854 at bats his numbers are down to .253/.305/.350.

This season, since his first at bat of the season, his OPS is down to .470.


Warren said...

Did you enjoy the Kaz Matsui era?