Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Craig Hansen

The Red Sox have called him up for tonight's game and sent down Jermaine Van Buren. They had to do something with the workload that the bullpen absorbed last night, and Hansen is an interesting choice. I thought for sure it would be Abe Alvarez, because he can pitch a few innings if you need him to mop up, and he's left-handed if you need to pitch to Giambi.

But Hansen had been starting at Pawtucket, starting four games and posting a cumulative ERA of 2.66 with 18 strikeouts and (ugh) 17 walks in 23.6 innings. He could probably go three innings or so tonight if they need him to. Hopefully they don't, but I'd guess that Ross will have seen him pitch tonight at the stadium before he reads this.

Of course, Foulke may have to go on the DL any day now, so we may yet see Alvarez in this series.

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